Wellness Course Academy

The New Way to Create & Launch Your Online Course in the wellness industry: Better. Faster. Fool-Proof.

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When I ask my clients what their top goal is for their wellness business, I hear:

Health coaches, nutritionists, energy workers, doctors, and therapists… I hear you. 

You want to create a profitable wellness business without working more hours. You want to change lives and change your life. I’ll let you in on a secret:

Digital products, like online courses, are the key to scaling your wellness business to 5-figures, 6-figures, and beyond. 

But heed my advice: if you’re in the wellness industry, you need to make sure your product will sell before you create it, or you risk wasting months creating something no one wants to buy.

Wellness Course Academy is a step-by-step process that allows you to create an online course that actually sells and is profitable, no matter how big or small your current audience is.

What WCA students are saying...

You're burned out...

… working with too many nutrition clients … teaching too many yoga classes … writing too many blog posts

You’re ready for something new. A scaleable revenue stream so you can stop trading time for dollars.

You're ready to create an online wellness course, but are scared to start. You're asking yourself...

  • What if I do all the work and no one buys?
  • I need tech help! How do I make a sales page? Record videos? Create a digital meal plan?
  • Why would anyone want to learn from me when 💁‍♀️already created a course for my niche?
  • I still haven't started my blog or my email list. Shouldn't I create those first?
  • I don't have a certification. Won't I need that to get people to trust me?

There are a lot of questions and confusion around online courses. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, you’re likely to make critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up with a digital product course that sells in your sleep. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

That’s why I’ve created Wellness Course Academy.

Join us in wellness course academy!

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What you're going to get...

Wellness Course Academy is a two phase process for creating and launching digital products in the wellness industry.

This course is for you whether a) you’re just starting out, b) you’re rockin’ your 1:1 clients and are ready to scale, or c) you’ve created a course on your own and it flopped.

I take the guesswork out of creating and launching courses in the wellness industry so you can increase your profits, leave your full time job, cut back on 1:1 clients, and grow your income month over month.

In Wellness Course Academy, you’ll create two digital products, the first being your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This is the first version of what will become your online course.

Phase 1 is all about creating a high ticket ($500-1,000) offer you can sell super fast without creating tons of content!

While a WCA student has gone from idea-to-income in just 4 days, the standard timeframe for phase 1 is 3-4 weeks.  

The modules you get in Phase 1:

Find Your MVP Topic

MVP Validation System

Marketing Your MVP

Stress-Free Presale Process

Develop Your Curriculum

Each module in Phase 1 has 4-6 video lessons guiding you through the process along with scripts, templates, and worksheets.

After finishing phase 1, it’s time to convert your MVP into your second digital product: a passive income generating online course.

In phase 2, you’ll create your online wellness course, grow your email list, and prep your social media audience to be ready to purchase. 

Using the 1st of 4 different launches Process taught in WCA, you’ll completely sell-out your online course. Phase 2 can last ~10 weeks.

The modules you get in Phase 2:

Logistics of Launching

Email List Building

Course Creation

Marathon Pre-Launch

Marathon Launch

Each module in Phase 2 has 5-8 video lessons guiding you through the process along with scripts, templates, and worksheets.

Here's more from WCA students ...

There has never been a better time to create a wellness course.

Once COVID hit, you may have noticed your ‘secure’ day job wasn’t quite as secure as you’d previously thought. Even if you are still employed, you have no clue what the future holds.

Don’t wait to create your online course. The most certainty you have, especially during a global pandemic, is today. Right now, people are seeking information on how to improve their wellbeing, and you have the chance to be the one who helps them.

Don’t press pause on your business or schedule your launch “after this blows over”. You can’t count on when that will be or how fierce the competition will be once it does.

Taking action now will allow you to:

  • Create a side income or revenue stream - one that you can control! What would you do with an extra $500-1000 a month?
  • Have a backup plan in case your 'secure job' ends up taking a hit with the economy.
  • Reduce your clients so you can spend less time "working" while still increasing your income.
  • Set up a killer opt in, increase traffic to your website, and get hundreds of new people on your email list while you create your course, so you have raving fans ready to purchase when it's done. 

If you don’t take action, nothing will change. 6 months from now you’ll wish you had started today!

Want to join us in wellness course academy?

Can't wait until WCA opens for enrollment? Pop in your email below and I'll send you a special link to join now at a 67% discount 👇👇👇

More feedback from WCA students...